Fir House - Glass Home Design Poland

 JOD 艂 OWA House is a stunning design of glass, which is located outside of Krakow, Poland. This is a fully glazed, the house was designed by architects PCKO Britain and Poland on the basis of Architects Mofo. To minimize the impact on the environment, and to invite outside this house is built on the concept of a houseboat, fully glazed and steel frame. This is a big tree inside the house, which certainly makes it look even more modern. The windows and doors, you can enjoy the splendid view from inside the house and get plenty of natural light. Stone tower was built inside the house and at the highest level of the tower offers a spectacular view of the Tatra Mountains.

Interior is minimalist, modern style and very open to another room. The modern and comfortable living room has a piano, which could help create a romantic evening. Clean, modern kitchen overlooking the pool table offering incredible beauty. In addition to these areas in the house also has a pool, which is quite large and very natural, with a wooden terrace and stone walls. Architects and Information Architects PCKO Mofo.

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