Start Modern Design Wood And Glass To Enjoy Life

This house is situated in Burgh-Haamstede, Netherlands, and was designed by architects for architects on the spur of a pair of 60 +. To provide a place to spend a couple of golden years, the architects have built a house surprising that misses the point of view, wooded environment. In front of the house has a wooden facade of at least two windows and garage doors. Inside, the interior is finished in neutral colors of cream and white decor is simple, nothing special or luxurious design out there, but the end result is a clean and inviting interior. The interior is bright with walls of glass coated in a house behind and around the center of the courtyard. Glasses around the court to allow the owners to see through the many rooms in their house. And behind the house, glass facade of 20 meters in length was created to capture the views of all the green kitchen, dining room and living room inside.

Admire nature should be done with appropriate actions and in this house, which has some sustainable features such as extra insulation (roof covered with sedum), the rooftop solar panels, a heat pump for heating and cooling plants for winter or summer, and additional heating through its two fireplaces. And this house is bright enough to illuminate the wide use of glasses.

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