Wood, Glass And Light In The House Of The Armada

 Superb design, Armada House compresses a world of possibilities in its fascinating architecture. Created by Keith Baker award winning design house based in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, shows an important element in the construction: the need for coherence and collaboration between the designer and the client. The designer has established a home where the volume cuts and shapes combine to form a specific design, dreamed of the owner and designed by the architect. Wood and glass seems to define the interior and exterior space without effort. The interiors feature wooden beams, which highlights the sense of an overdose of natural elements. Large open spaces forming kitchen, dining room and lounge, there seems to be a part of a story of light on comfort. No space is left unused - all walls or windows that flood the interior with light elements or design that reinforce the idea of ​​relaxation and comfort.

A huge glass ceiling of the master bathroom offers exceptional moments in the tub under the stars. Take a good look at this house, you could dream tonight.

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