BT Tower Structure, Suite Modern South Korea With A Unique Glass Facade

Fascinating architecture, design, and the GT Tower structure can only succeed through the development of today's modern technology. This modern office tower was designed by ArchitectenConsort, a Dutch architecture and modern architecture that is only in Seoul, the country, Park Ji Sung, a famous football player from South Korea who now plays for the "Red Devils". The building has unique undulating glass fa├žade and is said to have a change fascinating architectural centerpiece of the Korean capital and become an automatic mirror turret surrounding cityscape.

The architects describe the tower of 130 meters as follows: "Within its gross margin of 54 m2 of floor 000, GT tower filled with a variety of purposes. In addition to functional office space, there is room for cultural and commercial and parking. We arrived at the great adaptability of GT Tower by placing the compact core at the heart of the plant and the use of careful consideration of the column structure. These measures ensure that the facade is totally free, and large floor spaces are created that allow the building to accommodate a variety of uses in the future. Many of the sustainability measures were incorporated into the design, including a well-insulated facade, installing solar panels to produce energy, and natural light and ventilation to create a pleasant working environment. "

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