Cake Shop By Silence Kazutoyo Yamamoto

It's been a while since I've been looking for a minimalist design house, the current is simply beautiful with a reasonable budget, then this fantastic house and come to realize my dream. Designed by Japanese designer Yamamoto Kazutoyo creative, this house is actually a noodle bar before. The designer transforms an existing structure into something new and exciting, without destroying its character. Natural with a fresh touch of modern interior design.

Eventually, this old pasta shop turned into a Japanese steamed cake modern house on a modest budget of $ 30,000 USD. Original architectural details are intact, but it's amazing what lighting, paint, flooring, and the feelings of a minimalist command can do. The minimalist design house shared by the Japanese, the house is a floor, painted white to get a broader perspective, and always has a clean design and intelligently organized. Beautiful rustic wood shelves unfinished, it is more natural in this hot, just shop.

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